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Pointe Coupee Parish

The event will feature a tour of the home at and the Mike Esnault Trio Jazz Band and brunch from This promises to be a delightful outing on gorgeous grounds, featuring heritage plants that were grown in Louisiana gardens before , and an ancient live oak called the Francois Samson Oak on the Live Oak Society Register.

An Emmy Award-winning pianist and composer, Esnault has enjoyed success performing live, on television, cinema and radio, in addition to his triumphs as a recording artist.

In accordance with Govermnent Auditing Sra^idards, we have also issued our report dated December 20, on our consideration of the.

Maps of Louisiana are a great resource to help learn about a place at a particular point in time. Old Louisiana maps are effective sources of geographical information and useful for historical, genealogical and territorial research. Our collection of Louisiana maps includes many different historic and modern types of maps. The maps date from the 18th century to the present and include:. There are large Louisiana map collections in both university libraries and public libraries.

There are also several map collections in historical and genealogical societies , as well as private collections and archives. Those collections include maps and large amounts of documentation about the Spanish and French colonial times. There is information found in Louisiana maps that cannot be found elsewhere. Antebellum era maps can also give researchers insights into transportation methods and population growth across Louisiana. Photographs, drawings, and property title chains are included.

The clerk of courts office in each parish courthouse may also hold plat maps, which list land ownership. This Historical Louisiana Map Collection are from original copies. Most historical maps of Louisiana were published in atlases and spans over years of growth for the state. Some Louisiana maps years have cities, railroads, P.

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In April, , a number of enslaved were arrested at Pointe Coupee for plotting to rise up and kill their asters in order to abolish slavery. The conspiracy was organized from the estate of Julien Poydras. The plan was to set fire to a building on the Poydras estate, and when masters from neighboring estates rushed to put out the fire, they would be slaughtered.

There were military as well as ideological links with international Jacobinism.

The following article was published in The Pointe Coupee Banner, July 1, Nestled Records dating as far back as show that W.O.B. McKneeley was​.

I include the zip-codes because with them you can bring up demographic census maps from socialexplorer. The first is a couple of googlemaps that can give you an idea of how rural the country where the events take place is. Compare the amount of streets, businesses, infrastructure and other landmarks to where we live in Queens, or even the leafy suburbs of Long Island. The second map has historic landmarks that include the real life basis for the Pichot plantation Riverlake Plantation.

This is where you will need the zip codes for those two locations to search for the maps and data that you will need to do any sociological or demographic research with this site created by Andrew A. Beveridge , Ph. This is a bit more complicated, so got to socialexplorer. Using the dropdowns to the right you can explore who lives there now, who lived there in each of the censuses since notice what data is collected and what is omitted.

Here is an animation that I did that you can look at while you are on a campus computer. If you sign up for a free account while you are on a CUNY computer you can make animations of the various data that interest you.

Kaplan native shot and killed in Point Coupee Parish

Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana. Unemployment Rate. Median Income. Median Home Price. Median Age.

Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, get help for Sex Therapy in New Roads. To date, my clients have received over 25, hours of psychotherapy services.

Louisiana Studies Photography. Pointe Coupee is one of the oldest settlements in the Mississippi Valley, dating to the s. A peninsula edged by the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers, Pointe Coupee remains a land rich in Creole heritage, distinct in geographical beauty, and abounding in historic homes and farms. Found an Error? Tell us about it. New Roads and Old Rivers.

From the Pointe Coupee Coast—where in the early s explorers, soldiers, missionaries, colonists, and enslaved and free people of color began settling the banks of the Mississippi River—to the Acadiana Trail—US, the only four-lane highway in the parish— New Roads and Old Rivers illuminates the history and cultural foundations of the entire state. This arresting portrait of Old Louisiana honors Pointe Coupee, generations past and present. Richard Sexton is a noted photographer and author of books on architecture, design, urbanism, and the natural landscape.

He is equally known for his fine art photographs held in museums, private collections, and galleries.

At Pointe Coupée, the dead arm is alive and well (New Roads)

Welcome to the Town of Fordoche! Our town is defined less by boundaries on a map than by the sense of shared values our residents hold dear. Nestled in the greenery of the Pointe Coupee countryside, on the winding bayou of the same name, is the picturesque Village of Fordoche, one of the parish’s four municipalites, located on the Old Jefferson Davis Highway between Livonia and Melville, 4. Prior to , this was “cotton country”, but in , the levee broke at Morganza, with the Fordoche area receiving considerable damage, and adding to that were the ravages of the boll weevil which wrecked havoc during the early years of the century.

and promote justice for victims of domestic and dating violence, their children, Ascension, Iberville, West Baton Rouge, Pointe Coupee, West Feliciana, and.

Pointe Coupee Parish is one of the oldest settlements in the entire Mississippi Valley. Pointe Coupee Parish is located a short half-hour from Baton Rouge. English Plantation country and the town of St. Francisville is just across the river; it is currently reached by a quick ferry ride across the Mississippi, although the John James Audubon Bridge will soon join Pointe Coupee and West Feliciana parishes.

The contrast between the two regions is fascinating, and offers visitors one of only a few places in the United States to experience two distinct cultures right across the river from each other. The town offers numerous fine dining and shopping opportunities as well as beautiful views and boating on False River, and hosts the second oldest Mardi Gras celebration in Louisiana.

Named by the Pennsylvanian J. Johnson who came to Pointe Coupee Parish sometime before , Livonia was incorporated as a town in Early occupations for residents included farming and timbering, but the discovery of oil and gas in nearby towns in brought related service industries and developing interests.

Morgan owned much land in the parish and served on the Louisiana Legislature and the Mississippi River Authority. Union troops burned the town in following a losing battle at nearby Stirling Plantation; a subsequent encampment of Union soldiers at the site was tormented by the summer heat, encouraging them to begin rebuilding for their own comfort. The Confederate troops drove back the Union forces in , and triumphed over the Union troops again a year later at the.

Main Content. Livonia Named by the Pennsylvanian J.

Arrests during week of May 30 through June 6 released

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very few archaeological sites dating to this period have been located. Following a brief history of colonial Pointe Coupee, this study.

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Point Coupee

Pointe Coupee Parish is best known for its agriculture, oil and gas, recreation and tourism industries. It is home to approximately 23, people and boasts four banks, a modern hospital and health care facilities, educational institutions at all levels and easy access to Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, Shreveport and the rest of Louisiana. A modern general aviation airport, an accessible port facility and the upcoming Best Western Hotel with suites round out the business advantages of Pointe Coupee Parish.

Pointe Coupee is the top pecan-producing parish in the state, with some of the best quality nuts grown anywhere.

dating back to the s are still being used today. The Pointe Coupee Parish Courthouse, located at Pointe. Coupee Parish built an annex at the rear.

Charles Parlange was the scion of one of the oldest French families of Louisiana. Judge Parlange was the son of Colonel Charles Parlange and Virginie de Tenant Parlange, a widow who inherited what became known as the Parlange Plantation from her first husband. Its principal residence, the Parlange Plantation House, dating back to about , has been restored and is largely intact. Judge Parlange was born at that plantation on July 23, , and grew up there. He attended Centenary College, from which he later received an honorary M.

He “read law,” was admitted to the bar in , and practiced law in Pointe Coupee Parish. In , he returned to private law practice in New Orleans and became active in the Anti-Lottery League, an organization dedicated to ending the corruption and influence of the Louisiana Lottery.

Man found dead in running car in Pointe Coupee Parish